Potato chips recipe make snacks own home

We always love homemade dishes. When mom serves us food, it makes us pretty excited to taste those. It would be awesome if we make our one of the favorite snacks at home. Yeah, I am talking about Potato chips recipe. This is so delicious, crispy and great as a quick snack.

We can buy packets of potato chips of various flavor from any market. But it has preservatives which might be hazardous to our health if we take it so much. As we like to lead a healthy life, we should avoid such food ingredients. Okay, I cannot live without taking this snack because I am very fond of this snack. Of course, you are also! I discussed with my mom about this issue and she asked me not to worry anymore. Surprisingly she came back with a bowl of potato chips made by her! It tasted pretty nice and crispy.

Isn’t it good to share with you such a fantastic and easy potato chips recipe for you all? Yeah, through this article, I am going to share with you how you can make potato recipes quickly at home.


  • Four potatoes.
  • Salt.
  • Cotton cloth.
  • Oil.
  • Water.

let’s started.


  • Pick four potatoes of medium size.
  • Make round-shape thin slices of each potato. But those potatoes should have no peel. Be careful when you do peeling of the potatoes and make slices with a knife.
  • Put all of those slices into a bowl. Pour the bowl with water. Add four teaspoon salt and stir that with a spoon. Throw away the water and have potatoes slices

only in the bowl. Leave this alone for 20-30 minutes.

  • It is an interesting part! You need a piece of cotton cloth. Fill up the cloth with the potato slices and press it hard. It will soak up the water.
  • On your stove place a curved frying pan and pour oil. Now it is time to fry us chips!

-Let’s serve these crispy potato chips nicely in a bowl! You may add a little bit of salt to make it tastier.

Let’s sit and watch a movie with these crispy potato chips or enjoy with afternoon and evening snacks.


Don’t fry chips for too long. Otherwise, it might be burned.
These potato chips are without any extra flavor. You would get some kind of salty taste.
If you keep fried Potato chips unfastened, it will limp.

okay finally you learn Potato chips recipe


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